Excerpt from “Chapter Fourteen: Something’s In The Drumheller Library”

Haunted Nights at Drumheller Castle: Ethereal Quandary: A St. Charles Tall Tale by Faly Colaizzi

Excerpt from “Chapter Fourteen: Something’s In The Drumheller Library”:

St. Charles’s autumn atmosphere had a peaceful smoldering
scent of burnt embers as the Canadian geese flew overhead,
distancing themselves from their northern haven. Something
about the sound of the neighborhood wind chimes at this time of year
brought the crisp and magical air to life. It was Friday night the week
before Halloween. Jake stared out his bedroom window into an abrasive
solitude. His brain had a tendency to close down to protect itself
from its symptoms. His mind encumbered, yet embalmed against the
rest of the world, trudged through its darkest hours.

Lowering his consciousness into a deep, soupy psychological
filth, Jake’s symptoms had disintegrated to the lowest possible
rung, belching up every marble in his head that was purged from
his profound awareness. On some level, he knew an internal mental
shutdown was near as his soul fell like a rock and hit the aching pit
of his stomach. Colors seemed distorted, and in waves, he found he
could not understand the difference between green and blue, or
between red and orange. Waves of confusion had begun to take over.
Sounds in his head seemed muted and muffled, and pockets of reality
that he had remembered seemed sheltered away in sealed glass
bubbles. His sporadic hallucinations were becoming more lifelike,
and his paranoia became more dominant—even the sight of an ant
crawling in a continuous circle could mean the end of the world to
him. His ill and fractured psyche stretched deep into the darkest corners
of where his mind had never gone before this illness.