Excerpt from “Chapter Twelve: The Haunted Sanitarium Of St. Charles”

Haunted Nights at Drumheller Castle: Ethereal Quandary: A St. Charles Tall Tale by Faly Colaizzi

Excerpt from “Chapter Twelve: The Haunted Sanitarium Of St. Charles”:

The next day was also cool and crisp. After school on Monday,
all the kids with the exception of Jake met up at Captain Jack
and Jimmy’s home and then headed for the sanitarium. After
all, there was safety in numbers. Passing the archaized gaslit street
lanterns and stuffed in their cozy fall jackets, the kids made their way
up and down the town’s cobblestone nooks and crannies toward the
uninhabited sanitarium just outside downtown St. Charles. With the
smell of burning leaves in the air, the kids passed the Drumheller-
Hunt Museum as they got closer to the train tracks. Quickly perusing
the sights and scents of the magically lit-up stores, they got to Pottawatomie
Park. The kids walked part of the haunted railroad tracks
as a flock of geese flew over the heads of the towering autumn oak
trees and sweet maples. The winds caused the leaves to chase them
down the path.