Excerpt from “Chapter Seven: Un-Hauntable Boy”

Haunted Nights at Drumheller Castle: Ethereal Quandary: A St. Charles Tall Tale by Faly Colaizzi

Excerpt from “Chapter Seven: Un-Hauntable Boy”:

Looking off to one side, Jake recognized tall Jaclyn with her
long blonde hair and Jordan with light brown hair pulled up
in a ponytail. This was Jordan’s last year at home before she
headed off to a university. She and Jimmy were attending the same
local college that Jordan’s mom had attended. Jimmy still had another
year locally.

Walking back from one of the shops in town, the girls had
decided to hang out near the end of the bridge, spotting Jake and
keeping a concerned eye on him. It appeared to them as if Jake were
speaking to himself, then for no apparent reason his voice increased
and he was spouting nonsensical phrases. His voice momentarily
raised then lowered as his eyes glazed over, and he started acting
angry, desperate, and boisterous, which was not like Jake at all.