Excerpt from “Chapter Two: A Funeral For An Unapproachable Ghost”

Haunted Nights at Drumheller Castle: Ethereal Quandary: A St. Charles Tall Tale by Faly Colaizzi

Excerpt from “Chapter Two: A Funeral For An Unapproachable Ghost”:

The foggy, rainy morning rolled into an even soggier midday
in St. Charles. The weather was unseasonably cool. It was
autumn…September 30, 1970…three Halloweens since Jake
and the gang had triumphed over the ghost of Mark Drumheller and
over Pierce Vaya, Dead Man’s Tree, and the wretched Old Man Wiggins.
That was also when Jake had met his deceased great-grandfather,
Prince Alfonso Borja, as the prince’s ghost had approached him
and told Jake the good news of their relationship. Jake and his family
were descendants of the Borjas from the real-life ghost tale “The
Prince of Casa Del Sueno,” and the prince’s immense fortune had
been bestowed onto Jake’s family.

Jake awoke on this rainy September morning from the night of
forewarning dreams, feeling the ache in his heart at knowing Mrs.
Winston’s funeral was on this day. In each minute that went by that
morning, he could hear the agonizing ticking sound of the clock in
the kitchen as time approached closer to the ceremony.