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Haunted Nights at Drumheller Castle

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ISBN: 9781608447268
160 pages

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ISBN: 9781608447817
160 pages

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Do you believe in ghosts? Do you love ghost stories? Jake Eden and the kids sure do. Haunted Nights at Drumheller Castle is a compelling, timeless and classic ghost tale of autumn and the Halloween season in all its brilliance. The story this haunted castle highlights landmarks and historic places and adds a touch of nostalgia to this great fictitious tale set in the quaint town of St. Charles. The author dabbles a bit with history from the beginning of the railroads, cistern pumps, and original ghost tales (written by the author), bringing the 1800s to life again. Drumheller Castle is a haunted castle ghost story intertwined in other ghost stories and exciting adventures. It’s a tale of a spiritual journey as a heart finds its purpose.


About Faly Colaizzi

Faly Colaizzi was born Rafaela Faly Burmeister in Chicago, Illinois, in October 1967. Her mother, also named Faly, came from Madrid, Spain, and her father, Henry, of German heritage, was born and raised in Chicago. The author’s younger sister Yvonne also resides in the suburbs of Chicago land.



Slam! The windows in Joshua’s bedroom shut. The whistling winds in St. Charles this time of year were extremely volatile. Joshua awoke and crept down the hall from his bed towards his brother’s room. He thought he heard voices. Was this a haunted castle?


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